Blog 8 – Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Well, this is our last week in Sarajevo.  The hostel is gloriously empty, and so I have time to sit and think.  What will I miss about Sarajevo?  What will I not miss about Sarajevo?  What am I most looking forward to back in the States?

What I will miss…ok, I’m not going to lie, I will miss the gym.  It has been a savior to me throughout this trip, in that it has given me some alone time, given me hot showers, and generally helped me keep my sanity.  I will miss the Jadro Neapolitan cookies, because dang they are delicious.  I will miss my short commute, because short commutes are always wonderful things.  I will miss the ability to sit outside at a restaurant and drink a beer slowly, without a waitress nagging at you.  And I will miss the energetic fan zones at sporting events.  Volim te, Bosna!

What I will not miss…the crappy Bosnian internet.  That has been my single biggest annoyance throughout this trip.  Good bye and good riddance.

What I am most looking forward to…family and friends.  Clearly number one.  Skype helps, but it is definitely not a true substitute.  I am also looking forward to playing hockey again.  I’m scheduled to start the day after I get back to the States.  Hooray!  I also can’t wait for Mexican food.  I do believe that will be my first meal when I get back.  I’m looking forward to being able to use cards everywhere.  I’m really tired of the all-cash-all-the-time system.  And I am looking forward just to enjoying the rest of my vacation before school starts again.  Zoos, horse races, baseball games, sand sculpture contests, etc., etc., etc….

Do I have any advice for next year’s group?  I suppose my only advice would be just to do the best you can to…



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