Important Moments, Important Friends



This picture isn’t the best one I’ve taken on this trip. It isn’t my prettiest nor my most interesting, but I’ve picked it to talk about because of what it represents to me. 

It isn’t a big secret that my internship got off to a rocky start. I thought one of my supervisors was an ass and I really didn’t know how I was going to work with him for eight weeks. Yet, after some brooding and a lot of bitching, I decided I wasn’t going to let his crummy attitude and my resulting anger set the tone for the summer and/or our relationship. There is nothing I like more in life than a challenge and so I set out to get this guy to like me, but more importantly respect me.

I like to say I’m a bit of a brat, but it is probably more honest or reasonable to say I’m ornery. I like to use humor to poke and prod at people because regardless of the differences that separate us, laughter can almost always be a common denominator. With that in mind, I treated this supervisor like I would anyone else in my life. I teased, I joked and slowly I wormed my way in. 

This picture is special to me because it represents a shift in the tide of the relationship between this man and myself. His offering to take Zabrina and I to where it was taken was our first tentative footsteps towards friendship. 


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