Insert Lesson Learned Here

What I now know after my summer in Sarajevo:

  • How to post something on an individual’s Facebook wall
  • “Smang It” is not played at the ‘clubs’
  • Tea is best served with biscuits at a quirky bar with a goldfish tank
  • Tear gas is not cause for concern
  • Seeing the spot where a TV show is filmed is cause for a geek out
  • Being referred to as a collective is not strange
  • Handball is cool
  • Peaceful protests are cool
  • Family dinners are cool
  • 90s music at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday is not cool
  • My love for SYFY movies is shared
  • Gelato for 1 KM is the best deal ever
  • Running with an athlete is hard
  • ‘Neretva River’ is now my favorite color
  • Welcome Juice tastes delicious
  • The girls and boy on this trip with me are equally strong and supportive and wonderful
  • Sarajevo is fantastic place to spend a summer

This eight week journey is almost at an end and the time for reflection is upon us.  As in most of my endeavors, I enjoy stepping back to process what I have seen, heard, and lived, as in the immediacy of the moment all I can think about is sushi, a cozy bed, and my own bathroom.  I do know this experience is one of the unique ones in my life thus far, as it is not often I live in close quarters with 14 other people for two months straight in a foreign country.  The people I have met and the moments we have shared will stay with me for a long time to come as I finish my studies and embark on yet another journey (possibly alongside some of the people with me this summer).  So, as I wrap up my last blog entry (!) and my time in Sarajevo, I am not sad or confused or happy or content, but grateful that this summer was a reality and glad the time to be introspective is not limited to the time in which I write this post.    


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