A last post…

I’m preparing to leave Bosnia and seem to have hit a road block. I cannot decide where I will go afterwards to travel around for 2 ½ weeks. For some reason there are so many options but I cannot choose one even though there is nothing stopping me. When I think about it however I know that what is stopping me is the fear to move on and change pace form what we have been living for the last two months. I’m so excited to continue my journey but here are some things that I will miss:

Waking up in a small European room on a small European street surrounded by small European cars and cafés. I’m going to miss all the delicious halva and Badem stores. Looking up to the hills which are surrounded with scattered houses that light up at night like little light bulbs.  Houssain’s tea house up by the hill. The closeness of everything (which I just found out is called Cajdzinica Dzirlo_Tea House) . The random European friends I’ve made outside of the group and setting up meeting times to grab some drinks with them. Meet and spinach burek.  Going to the market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables which would be so much more costly in the states. My internship supervisor from MoBa Luka who is definitely one of a kind, corny and a classic male. The new puppy he just found in a box outside his apartment. The jokes that my co-workers at GS1 say in a sarcastic English. The hospitality of the Bosnian people.  And so many other elements of this beautiful city.

So here we all go on our next adventures, vaya con dios my friends.


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