Disappointment and Frustration

This week has been a both frustrating and disappointing for me. Since beginning my internship, I have worked hard to try and bring some order and structure to the organization. It has been tough going at first because the lack of a relationship and trust didn’t make the most welcoming work environment. Then there was how both supervisors had jobs, sometimes multiple ones, outside of the organization thus making scheduling a nightmare from time to time.

As the summer progressed however the first issue resolved itself and to a certain extent so did the second, that is until this past week. Last week, after meeting with E, it was decided that the three of us would come together next Wednesday to create an action plan for the up coming year. This made my day! I was so excited to see the organization moving in such a positive direction and to have to opportunity to be a part of it. However, as Wednesday approached it quickly became apparent that the meeting would not be happening.

Scheduling and communication are two elements that have been a constant problem all summer long. As it stands now, L & E have too much work in terms of both their MOBA work and their outside jobs.  I guess, if one is to have a problem, this is the kind to have, yet it makes things like running and developing the organization problematic/challenging as well.

I feel partly responsible for setting them on this path, which is why I am sad not to have the opportunity to see it through to the end with them. Who knows when our paths will cross again though. After all, E just said the 21st  (the day i am back in sarajevo before leaving for Belgrade) could be made into a deadline for something. 


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