Within days of arriving in Sarajevo, I was put in the position of justifying my going to the Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope to my supervisor, E. I was totally not prepared for this, first because I had only met E on one prior occasion and was surprised that he would be so aggressive and rude to someone he had just met. More importantly though, I was shocked by his overall reaction to our trip there in general. In my mind, the Tunnel is a symbol of strength, ingenuity, and people’s ability to overcome. I did not expect our going there to be seen as a bad thing, but to E it was. In his mind it was offensive that one of first things our group did was to see something about war because there is more to Bosnia and specifically Sarajevo than the war. I think I am able to look at the tunnel from simply a positive position because I can see the good it did without any of the negative emotions that people from Sarajevo also probably associate with it, such as fear and desperation. After all, when E discusses the tunnel, he also mentions how his father used it during the war to go and fight and how every time he left E would be left to wonder if he would ever see him again. 


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