okay, weird. I have been doing a tango with this blog site for the past hour and a half. I had resorted to using my phone although Emily, our gracious coordinator let me borrow her computer. Yet, me being so dang technologically challenged could not successfully log in…its  not even a Monday. After some deep yoga breathing and way to many attempts to copy and paste on my phone I am back and this time the computer and I came to an agreement! Please keep in mind that I am 27 and had to watch the ‘how to post a blog for dummies’ video to make this happen. 

Travel, for me, is incredibly eye-opening and beautiful. I am reminded of this each time I set out. While I continually try to open my heart to the world around me in the States, sometimes things get bogged down with obligations, deadlines and little time to just be. I am so thankful to Bosnia and this group for allowing me the opportunity to remember and live the beauty of life.  The most magical part of movement is the realization that life is the same around the world. People laugh. People cry. People go grocery shopping and hurry to rush home for dinner with their family. People question where they are and their life in that place as well as wonder about life outside of their home. Yet, within all this there are small differences that make life in those new places so intriguing and addicting. It makes me want to go more and more to see what can I take with me and what has already been traveling with me all along. The kindness of strangers keep smiles near and hearts open, and it is that openness that I believe the world needs so desperately. Bosnia has reminded and reassured me that communication across cultures is more than differences, it is about highlighting the underlying themes in humanity and seeing the beauty of a world that is connected. 



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