Bosanska Kafa

2013-07-05 07.51.28

Since I was a teen, I would wake up early in the morning in hope that I didn’t oversleep for my daily coffee routine with mama. Alongside my stepdad, I would join for her second round of the day. Due to her long workdays, it was one of few times that we got to spend together. Still, it continues to be one of the things I really miss while being away in Denver.

As many of you know, coffee in the Bosnian culture is very much social and interactive. I consider it a sacred time and space for many members of my community. Those early mornings with my mother are some of the more beautiful moments in my childhood. It taught me patience, care, family time and the importance of taking life one-step at a time. While the taste certainly matters (I’m pretty particular about this haha) it is more than a cup of coffee. It’s a sacred ritual that has always been an integral part of my culture.


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