And so it begins again………

Another summer and I find myself again back in Bosnia with University of Denver students.  Introducing this extraordinary country to people remains a highlight of my life.  As before, we will be blogging throughout the summer for anyone interested in sharing our experiences.  Please share this blog with those who might like to read it.The first group of students, who will be staying for about two weeks, are from the Graduate School of Social Work.  Following their departure, another group from a variety of DU programs will arrive for 8 week internships. 

On this rainy morning in Sarajevo we are all taking the time to reflect on our first few days here.  We have taken a walking tour of Sarajevo (thank you Jadranka for being our wonderful guide and teacher), visited the War Crimes Court of BiH, traveled to Tuzla to the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), spent time at the Genocide Memorial Center in Potočari, stayed overnight in Srebrenica and spent a day with genocide survivor Saliha Osmanović who just might be the coolest woman in the world.  Many thanks to our long time friend Hasan Hasanović for making our time in Potočari and Srebrenica more meaningful than can really be described here.  The graciousness, generosity and courage of our Bosnian friends never ceases to amaze me.

Hopefully the rain will continue today so that I can finally find the time to get unpacked.Image


One thought on “And so it begins again………

  1. Thanks Ann for making this all happen! You have created a relationship with Bosnia and so many of the people here that has allowed for our visit and for us to fall in love with this beautiful place.

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