Awkward Is My Name And Bosnia Now Knows It…

I am far from ready to talk about anything I am feeling thus far. Hearing about traumatic experiences has been far too extensive for me this year so Instead I will just mention the issues I have as a person abroad.

I spend most days searching the internet for flights and destinations to add to my ever growing list of places I will visit before my second passport expires. However, since I struggle to be a functioning adult at home people tend to easily notice my issues abroad. So here’s what I’ve noticed:

1. Euros or Marks
I’m used to sketchy but I was just curious…
I didn’t think I could use Euros here… Not saying I did and not saying anyone accepts them… It feels like I’m back in Italy living the sketch.

2. Cobble Stone

Cobble stone has been a consistent issue for my travels abroad…and Sarajevo is no different. I have yet to discover how women can walk in six inch heels on these ancient streets here when I can’t walk in my Toms without slipping and tripping. Every other step I take results in a pulled muscle during the prevention of a face plant and a stare from a local as they realize I am obliviously a foreigner (even though my other awkward issues tend to point that out in other ways). Bring it on Sarajevo, I brought Advil.


2. Trash cans, where are they and why can’t I find them?

It never ceases to amaze me how my inexperience in a country can lead to the smallest of issues. I have only seen one trash can in Bosnia thus far and I thought it was a mailbox. It’s strange though that the streets are not littered with trash and piles are not forming on the sidewalks as they do in London. Instead Sarajevo is clean, I don’t know how unless everyone’s trash is accumulating in their purse as it is in mine.

3. Cigarettes

I only ever smoke when traveling. In Sarajevo it feels like there is a smog of smoke that takes over every time I turn a corner. As a result of already inhaling so much smoke, I decided to join in. I now have a semi-permanent deep voice that makes me sound like an man or as I like to describe it as a sexy Phoebe voice (Friends reference- go watch it). In other words when in Rome/Sarajevo… Consequences are as real as mama described.

4. Vegetarian in Bosnia

Bosnia seems to thrive on the word meat. Everything is meat. Everything will be meat. The rests is just a side dish. Really though my options are better than I had at home. Growing up with meatatarians has made me resilient to the issues of not finding food that I can eat. Thanks to the fresh veggies that are readily available to throughout Bosnia, I’m eating like a queen, even though everything I can eat is listed a sad “starter” or “side dish.”



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