Today we are supposed to blog about a picture that we have taken on this trip that holds meaning to us. It is difficult to only choose one, as this whole experience has really been amazing in so many ways. I feel like we have had the opportunity to see the beauty of the country (on a physical level), the beauty of the people, and have seen the effects of war and what it can do to a people and a country. Despite all the good, I wanted to share some of the hardships of the country we are in.


The picture that I chose to blog about I took at our last stop yesterday. It is in an old Jewish cemetery. The picture is very obviously a head stone, but the explanation of the divots may not be as obvious to a person who has not been to a country that is still recovering from war.

They are gunshots. The cemetery was used a sniper nest.

I still don’t know why exactly this was so shocking to me. After all, the city is covered in the reminders of death. However, this really struck me. It was almost a paradox, soldiers taking aim on the living, while their feet stood on the dead.

It became very clear how inhumane (I know that seems like a silly choice of words to explain war), but all rules of warfare really were disregarded in this war. I think this is when I came to the realization that this really happened to these people, I will never fully conceptualize what they went through, and it is still all rather abstract. However, I think a small piece of understanding came into place when I saw this.

I really didn’t feel sad when I saw this, I was just mad. I think I felt this way because I saw the total disrespect of both the living and the dead.

I couldn’t help but to think; not even the dead were safe.



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