Kafa in Bosnia is not the same as coffee in America. Having a caffeine addiction I tend to drink a lot of coffee, yet I don’t really sit and enjoy it. Here coffee is important. It seems to symbolize a different way of life. One that focuses more on staying in the moment rather than hurrying through. Time becomes something that only matters in relation to the people who’s company you are enjoying.

Coffee seems to serve as both a vehicle for conversation and of pure enjoyment. I’m always impressed how Europeans can sit and actually relax, something I wish desperately to learn. When we got the coffee we were able to get to know our waiter, to hear his story, and exchange a moment in which our different cultures were mutually valuable.

The sugar packet labeled with the World Cup logo added a layer of meaning to the moment. It felt like this addition to the coffee showed the path Bosnia is taking to move forward. Everyone is coming together to cheer for their country as one.


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