Sarajevo Rose (photo credit Emily Harris)

Sarajevo Rose (photo credit Emily Harris)

The photo I chose for this assignment is one taken of a Sarajevo Rose we found on the street. The roses are created due to the impact of mortar shells exploding on the street during the war. These patterns were filled in with red resin due to their likeness to the flower and to mark were the mortar resulted in a death. Even though there are not as many as there used to be, due to reconstruction, they are still a presence in the city.

Reasons for choosing this photo:

It’s a very visible and haunting representation of damage from the war . The juxtaposition of the roses being a memorial site and also named for such a symbol of love and natural beauty.

The roses a an extremely unique and unusual feature. I’m sure not they exist anywhere outside of Sarajevo which, in an awful and unfortunate way is interesting. While I don’t know whether or not they should be covered over so that the citizens here may have a break from the reminders, the roses stand out.

The roses have transformed (in my opinion) into a moving and devastatingly artistic feature in Sarajevo. The Sarajevo Roses to me are very empowering. The fact that the roses are colored in as a tribute to those who were killed reminds me of how resilient the country is and feels like a stance that was made to take back the city.


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