Calls to Prayer

I have come to look forward to the call to prayer five times each day, especially today while laying in bed sick.  Sometimes it is loud and prominent and sometimes I can barely hear it or not at all, but I listen for it, and it helps me settle.  I don’t understand any of it but it settles me anyway.  It brings me inside myself and reminds me to take a moment to breathe and notice my surroundings and my insides.  It is a reminder to breathe.

Life can be a little hectic or chaotic here, but not in the same way as at home.  It is noisy – streets dogs barking, pack against pack, music from the cafes and bars, cars, trams, people talking and laughing all through the night.  The hecticness at home is the rushing from appointment to appointment, rush hour traffic, picking up the kids, picking up the groceries, etc. Here it is more just about the noise, at least in my own perception of it. At home, it is hectic but I get quiet moments, Here it is noisy but without the mass rushing around. Just different I think.

I wonder about how the Call to Prayer affects the Bosnian Muslims living here. Do they still hear it?  Or is it tuned out like so many things are in my life?  Does it help them settle? Stay connected to self and others? Was the response different before the war or has the people’s relationship to the Call always been about the same? I seeing people praying in the mosques. There are active followers and also plenty who are not.  I hold no judgement about them being religious or not, but I wonder what role it plays for Bosnians in their recovery from trauma and in managing daily stressors in their lives.
I think I may have borrowed this photo below from someone else, not sure how, but I think it is beautiful!




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