First Impressions before Summer Internships Begin

When it came time for the first class to end and the summer program to start it was sad to see all of my new friends go but it was nice to have a slower pace. The two-week class was an intense program filled with fun activities but for the first time on Saturday I was able to just relax and do things around town.

saturday stroll

I wasn’t sure if it was because it was Saturday, or it was finally sunny, or due to Bosnia still having a chance at the World Cup but the first day the sun finally showed and it was like Sarajevo had a new life. The streets filled with people and shops exploded even further out onto the sidewalks. Just being able to explore the streets and shop at the market was so relaxing.

photo 2

We also went to the brewery to watch the second of Bosnia’s games in the World Cup. The people were so excited even the bartenders and wait staff got drinks and took a front row seat to see the game. At half-time we moved to a popular bar where people were literally standing in the streets to see the game being projected on big screens. After the game was over, and Bosnia sadly lost, the city life didn’t die down even at 2:00 am. I fell asleep to people talking and laughing in the streets below the hostel and awoke to people drinking coffee while talking and laughing early in the morning. The city is just full of energy and laughter you can’t help but want to be out amongst them.


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