I’m in love Ms. Bosnia!

I’ve known Bosnia and especially Sarajevo since I was 8 years old where all the media was talking about the bloody war against powerless civilians who were killed horribly, even I remember quite well old women weeping in the streets with very sad song in the background theme.  All my imaginations about this part of the world was destruction and scary tall apartment buildings with visible bullets wholes on their walls!  

Further, when I was in the train in Frankfort on my way to the airport to fly to Sarajevo, I wasn’t completely optimistic about this journey.

However, I fell in love even before I step out of the plane 🙂

It was gorgeous view from the sky, amazing mountains and finally Akram was super nice guy who gave me a great impression about the people in this lovely country. 

On my first day in Bosnia even I was not sleeping for 40 hours continuously, I could make it to eat in Han, have made two new friends, drank their natural herbal tea at an authentic tea shop and try homemade vanilla ice cream on the street. I couldn’t waste a minute even I was so tired and walking like a zombie!


I love going out and feeling sick if I get stuck indoors for long time, so you might find me hanging out all the time except to sleep!

On my second day, our group took an awesome tour to a mosque, two cathedrals and an old orthodox all around our hostel, I tried to pray for solving my problems on these spots as people here do but still no luck! hahaIMG_20140623_180630

The third day was charm, I woke up early after a nice symphony played by my roomy during the night then went to meet my internship supervisors.  It was a cool meeting with promising discussion for better outcome hopefully.  I am excited and enthusiastic to give even more than being asked or at least bring something new to the group where I work. 

I am confident in this trip more than ever to be great and looking forward for the next days adventures.


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