It Begins

Arriving in Sarajevo was filled with joy and excitement. I was fortunate enough to have a very smooth and easy travel experience over, which made for a great start to my time here. I appreciated the few hours I had to rest, unpack, and take a nap, but by nightfall, I was ready to do my first bit of exploring. A few of us decided to grab some dinner at a small restaurant that makes delicious burek. Cleverly, we chose to each order a different kind, and play a version of musical chairs, rotating plates so we could all try the variety. Needless to say, the restaurant owners were quite amused. We followed this delicious meal with, what we were told, was Bosnia’s best ice cream, and it did not disappoint! And of course, we couldn’t end the night without stopping at the ever-so-famous Cheers to watch the game.

Walking around, I was overjoyed to see the small side street markets filled with delicious fruits and vegetables; and even more overjoyed when my purchase of four apples and two peppers came to a little over 2 KM (roughly a dollar forty). Yum, it will surely be a place I will frequent! The idea of having fresh fruits and vegetables a short walking distance away will certainly be something I will be sad to leave.

I have greatly enjoyed the interactions with the Bosnian people that I have had thus far. Their compassion and kindness really shines through in conversation. From the hostel owners, to the shop owners, everyone seems to have a pleasantness that is so warm and welcoming. After partaking in a tour of the area, combined with the warmness from the people here, I am ready to see what the rest of the summer has in store.


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