I hate you Ms. Bosnia!

Well, I hate the bureaucracy by officials and the government in BiH not the lovely kind people where I see their gorgeous smiles everyday.  Dr. Anna and I have been incredibly overwhelmed by my visa issue since I was required to leave BiH.  Carrying a Saudi passport seems a nightmare to me however we enjoyed the Saudi embassy stunning VIP guest room where we’ve been regular guests recently.  The Saudi ambassador was so cooperative and has done great deal of help and assistance where they offered many services and we were given rides on their diplomatic cars and interpreters.  Croatia was awesome especially beachy Makarska because I had to go there to renew my stay permit of seven days period by leaving and reentering BiH. 20140629_135247

I was called “Arab man” out of the bus with my luggage in the border of Croatia and BiH, people in the bus thought I was sort of a terrorist guy 😦  , but they cheered me with thumbs up when I came back to the bus which was a relief.  I will never ever forget how I am loved by my awesome friends, I am really touched and words cant express my feelings toward all of you, I just LOVE YOU ALL.  Anyway, I am feeling much better going to Zagreb on sunday to get my BS stamp from there then I’ll be good the whole summer. I cant miss saying the astonishing views on the way to and from Croatia still in my mind as a fairy tale.  I missed Sarajevo and its beautiful coffee shops, streets, mountains and above all of that the nice people.  So, this whole experience is completely a contrast of how mostly the rest of countries around the world deal with foreigners in dignity, justice, and convenience but BiH is absolutely an exception.



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