Contrast in Pace

One of the main contrasts that I have consistently observed since being in Bosnia is the contrast of pace. This contrast seems ever more present due to the fact that I have an internship with an American organization. Although I have not spent as many days at the office as I had expected to by this point, the contrast of pace has immediately jumped out at me each time I went to the office. My colleagues have meetings scheduled all day and jump from one task to the other and back frequently while working on a multitude of things simultaneously. Listening to the stories about the Bosnian organizations where the other members of our group are interning, I am aware that the pace there is quite different and can take some getting used to as it is much more relaxed than what most people experience in work environments in the U.S. While this keeps the contrast of pace fresh in my mind, it is simply the feeling I have when walking the path back to the hostel from my internship that seems to make me most aware of it. It is like time immediately slows down when I leave the office and I am able to stroll leisurely down the streets of Sarajevo with the crowds of others doing the same. It is a contrast that I do quite enjoy because it seems to make the work day go by very quickly and the time after work spent with the group at the hostel or eating dinner and watching World Cup matches seems to linger a little more which tends to increase my enjoyment of those moments and the company in which they are spent.


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