The Wonderful People


As a social worker, and just as the person that I am, people are important to me. I love hearing peoples stories, learning about where they’ve been, how they got to where they are and where they want to go to. One of the complete joys that I have experienced in my short time here is meeting wonderful people. I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting kind hearted, wise individuals. The hospitality that is extended is beyond anything that I have experienced before. Plans are quickly made to get together, hang out or grab coffee. It is such a warm and welcoming environment, filled with friendly faces and long conversation. As I have expressed before, I am blessed by my internship placement in a variety of ways. The multitude of wonderful people I get to meet is no exception. In my short time at Wings of Hope, I have met wonderful people who I was able to smoke sheesha with, go to a water park with, grab a drink overlooking Sarajevo with, and attend events with. There is never a hesitation in an extended invitation, which is such a pleasure and an honor. Beyond the pleasantness and kindness, the stories and discussions that people have are filled with depth, honesty and truth. The ability to partake in the conversations among extremely intelligent, extremely passionate individuals is always a joy.
A take away for me is the way in which they interact with one another. Upon entering a room, one will happily and excitedly greet every person, regardless of if they know them or not. Introductions are quickly had, often with hugs and pleasantries. This is not always the case in the United States, as one individual so quickly pointed out. Upon walking into a small to-go restaurant, my friend and myself patiently waited for the two to finish their conversation. The first thing the individual working said to us was, ‘you two must be American, otherwise you would have been like “Hey! How are you? How’s it going?!” and not been so quiet.’ This is certainly a trait I would like to adapt, being more interactive and excited when interacting with others.
I wish I knew the language. I appreciate how willing people are to speak english to me, but I also know that I should be speaking their language with them. It is I who chose to come to this country, and it is I who should have taken a longer time to study the language. The ten week language course was taught by such a wonderful instructor, but I would have loved even more time. I wish this barrier was not there, but am grateful for the wonderful people who are so willing to translate for me, and speak English to me


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