Sarajevo: The Walk Home

     When you are travelling, you always remember the adventures and the good stories. Usually you can enjoy being transported back to the place you were in some small way by the re-telling of your travel tales to those who are interested to hear them. Telling these stories can often be accompanied by a sort of mental visualization that nostalgically takes you back to that place and that time as you recount it. Creating these memories is one of the truly great things about travel.
There are also different kinds of memories created while you are in a new place exploring and partaking in the events that will one day become travel stories. These types of memories are less about the events that took place while in your new destination or the people you met there and the times you shared. They are more subtle and more subconscious types of memories that you often don’t realize are being formed. They occur when you spend enough time in a new city or town to be able to wander its streets and take in its peculiarities. They are different things you may notice on a familiar stroll in your new destination as you walk from one place to another. They are the memories that don’t stick out in your mind as special, but when you are half falling asleep some distant day in the future and an odd picture, sound or smell comes into your mind and you are not quite sure of its origin until you realize after a brief moment of thought that it was a sight you passed or a sound you heard while wandering a new route in a foreign city that you had used repeatedly for a purpose or just to get your bearings in your new destination and it immediately takes your mind back to that exact spot and time for a moment. It may be an actual landmark you frequently passed, a sign for a business that stuck out to you each time you saw it for some reason or something even as simple as an interesting bit of graffiti scrawled across a wall. These memories don’t warrant stories. They hide in the recesses of your mind only to randomly pop out at some future time and help you understand just how much the places you have traveled have become a part of you.
(Sarajevo is a wonderfully walkable city full of things to catch one’s attention. I have included some photos below of things that I notice on my walks home from my internship that just may become the type of unrecognized memories I have described that may keep me awake a moment longer some distant time in the future enjoying the instant nostalgia that they bring when they suddenly reappear.)


  DSC01198 DSC01201DSC01199  DSC01202 DSC01203 DSC01204 DSC01205 DSC01206


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