Silent Graves’ Memories (1)

On the way to Srebrenica, I have felt myself being in a heaven or even a paradise observing the amazing vivid portraits of the mother nature on everything my eyes’ grasps.  Bosnian drivers usually are efficiently good but hazardous and scary regardless of the road conditions.  Arriving safely to Srebrenica is completely another story where abandoned houses and building would the first welcoming sights of the wounded city  since where most people have been leaving it since 1993!


Never felt the same way of fear in my whole life as I did when my first walking around the streets in the city of dreams where it was a tourism designation due to its popular spas and gorgeous mountains.  Few people still live in Srebrenica but most of them are just visiting during the summer as memorial for their beloved ones who killed or even dead abroad and loved to come back.  Sadly, people are divided as well as the whole country in this small city; so Serbs don’t interact with Bosnians and so on, which has been ruining the norms of life in BiH and all its parts in general.  Unhappiness was a clear feature in most people’s faces; especially elderlies even though they were trying to hide it somehow. While we were there, my friends and I tried to discover the source of orange colored river that runs from a mountain to the city, we traced it and found big Spa buildings nearby the source of the river where these buildings have been under constructions for years and still not finished!

A school where people were congregated and killed is an alive mark in the haunted city but a painful one. 

It seems from the half day “tour” in Srebrenica that abroad residents have tried repeatedly to come back after the war by rebuilding the destructed city but for some reason they were not successful.  

Srebrenica is a forgotten place of the world where only its people wont forget, filled with memories and massacre sites all over the place witnessing how ruthless human beings could be when they loose their pure innocent humanity. 


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