Silent Graves’ Memories (2)

From the first time I heard about the Peace March while I was Denver, I wanted eagerly to participate no matter what the outcomes are.  So, after spending a sad day in Srebrenica, my friends and I headed to the camp where we will catch up on the second day of the peace march.  Muhammedovic, a Srebrenican survivor and well-known activist in Bosnia, has helped us always and all the time to get there and even arranged our stay because of his strong relationships with authorities around the country.  We got a private army assistance; it was not all about Muhammed, it was in fact the pure souls of Bosnians.  Being privileged group between all the people who were participating, was unpleasant at all though we had no option to refuse it, if so otherwise it could have been real rude and disrespectful.  We have listened to real life stories from the army soldiers and enjoyed our first night between them getting offered all different kinds of drinks and food.  6 a.m. was the time to start the peace march where I was full of energy and enthusiasm after a rainy night.






I have learned, broadly speaking, that Bosnians are unbelievably friendly and willing to help whenever and wherever needed despite the fact of the difficult life they face.  Many of the peace march participants were Bosnians and they wanted to chat even though there’s a language barrier sometimes. I found wounds fingerprinted every moment along the walking through small towns, massacre areas, graves and all land marks I crossed by.  They are no enough words to explain how sad it was seeing all the execution places where innocent people just killed even bodies removed by cranes to hide the scene repeatedly.  Awful scenes from painful past all along the way but courageous and full hope people are along the way as well.  To Be Continued! 


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