Silent Graves’ Memories (3)

Never thought while I was in the States reading about the Bosnian war in the nineties that it would have been much more painful in reality than just reading or listening about it.  First breaking I have had when the crowd was walking silently down the hills to Potocari memorial where people were ready to bury another group of 174 victims remainings found lately in a one of the mass graves in east part of BiH. It was a shock for me seeing women weeping their sons or husbands lost in the woods twenty years ago but hope had not stopped until the remainings identified and hence it was the time to face the bitter truth of loss. Also, I thought it was because of being really tired after a couple of days of walking but actually it was not, however I guess it is naturally and emotionally involving for any one who could see such sorrowful scene.  The second breaking was when a mourned mother and wife was telling her story of last moments with her two sons and her husband, furthermore she shockingly saw them on news for the last time. 

20140718_172508 This strong believer and a great mother is Saliha who lives just walking distance from Serbs borders and small towns which are visible from her yard, she was along with her family living peacefully as farmers until Serbs attacked them and forced them to leave in the 1992 claiming the holly day of Serbs.  Her family fled to Srebrenicna for the UN protection or as it was known “SAFE ZONE”, in contrast it was the “KILLING ZONE” after families were separated by gender but unfortunately her husband and sons were killed running for their lives.  Saliha lives alone since she has no family anymore but she was energetically cooking different kinds of food and desserts for a group 15 people coming to her house even though she was fasting in a hot long day, it was a wonderful day of hospitality. 

20140718_125944Then she started to talk about her experience and her last moments with painful memories, thus it was another breaking down for most of our group since she was crying a bit and serving Bosnian Kafa just seconds after.  She is a symbol of patience and an amazing woman in all means, I cant imagine how she has been through horrible situations and still has faith and hope. Saliha deserves to be helped and surrounded by warm feelings of love, and just to keep in mind war and conflicts give birth to many other Salihas everyday around the globe just they need who could listen to their stories.


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