Music of Sarajevo (Part I)

There has been a number of musical highlights during our time here. So much so that I decided to split them into two blogs. Up first are clips from the 100 year WWI anniversary performance and the Balkan/Sarajevo Orchestras.

To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Gabrilo Princip killing Franz Ferdinad and his wife Sophie, a musical/theatrical performance was held on the nearby Latin bridge. In typical Bosnian fashion, little information was available except through the grapevine. Even then, the only thing that we could learn was the start time, 11:45 pm. Here’s a clip from the beginning…

Despite not knowing Bosnian, I still found the night memorable. The event included a folkloric group, modern dance, Bosnian pop-star Dino and an a cappella group amongst others. Perhaps most memorable was a theatrical reenactment of Abraham and his son (this time as brothers and Abraham slewing the other despite divine intervention – the symbolism gave me goose bumps). Here is a clip from the a cappella group…

Baščaršija Nights occurs every July in Sarajevo and is a series of free cultural events. One of the first events this year was the Balkan Chamber Orchestra and the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. Again little information was available and upon arriving we quickly learned that you needed a ticket. At first we were a little flummoxed, especially since part of the group had learned earlier in the day that tickets weren’t required. However in Bosnia things have a way of just falling into place. And sure enough, there was a lady nearby handing out extra tickets for free. The concert was spectacular and closed with Beethoven’s well-known Choral Finale…


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