9 Things I will Miss

Since I only have 9 days left in Sarajevo, I have decided to post 9 things I will miss the most in Bosnia.

9. Being able to walk everywhere!

8. Not being in a hurry to get anywhere.

7. Eight KM 3D movies… that is about $5.60 for you Americans.

6. The pekara – or a bakery. They are all over the place, super cheap, and the best bread I have ever had in my life.

5. One KM ice cream scoops everywhere you walk.

4. Goofing off at the bobsled run.


3. The amazing views!


2. An internship where I can show up 5-15 minutes late, that welcomes breaks to chit chat and show pictures on Facebook, that listens to 90’s American Pop music, and that enjoys getting to know each other, even their interns.

1. The incredible people… although I know I will see many of them back in CO 🙂





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