A Shepherd and his Sheep

I was fortunate enough to have my immediate family visit me in Sarajevo during their summer vacation in southern Europe. While they were visiting, I took to role of tour guide and was in charge of fitting Bosnia and Sarajevo into two and half days for them. One of my missions was to take them outside of Sarajevo into the beautiful country side that surrounds the city. I loved all of my hikes that I did in Bosnia, whether it was on Bjelasnica Mountain (only an hour or so away from Sarajevo), or in Sutjeska National Park (3 hours away). On Thursday we headed towards Lukomir with one of my favorite guides with Green Visions, Benjo. On the way out, we spotted this flock of sheep with the shepherd, and it turned out to be quite the shot. The whole scene with the gravel road winding through the photo really captures how Sarajevo and Bosnia can take you back in time to a world that you thought only existed in NatGeo stories and History channel specials. This is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken while in Bosnia. DSC01099 


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