The final post.

I read an article recently about the hard part about traveling: returning home. And here I am, returned home. It’s sad and it’s exciting and its mixed with too many emotions to care to unpack currently. There are certain struggles to returning home after being away, for any amount of time, in a place filled with learning and growing on so many levels. What do you do with all of the experiences and memories and knowledge and growth that was developed once you leave that place? I am holding on tight, never wanting to let go. I want to remain in that place, both physically and emotionally. Part of you stays there, and new parts of you come home with you. How do you say goodbye to a place you felt so alive in? A place that was filled with amazing people, a long history, beautiful views, unforgettable stories told by the strongest people you’ve ever met. How do you say goodbye to the deep relationships you’ve made because locationally it just can’t be exactly the same? How do you live a relational based life when society does not allow time for that? How do you even begin to describe to people the impact that two months in Bosnia I Herzegovina had on you when the sad reality is they only are giving you a few focused moments? How do you take your growth and your new-found knowledge and incorporate that into your back-at-home life?

There isn’t one thing I would have changed about this summer, except for perhaps the length of stay. I am so beyond appreciative to have had this opportunity. In just the five short days I have been home, I have missed everyone and everything I’ve grown oh so close to. This summer forced me to take a look at myself and my life, which hasn’t been easy but has been necessary.

Thank you so much to Ann, who made this summer possible. The connections and relationships she has built in Bosnia over the years has allowed for numerous amounts of students to discover the wonderfulness that is BiH.


Some of us at a BBQ thrown by my supervisor, Maja!


A few of us from Wings of Hope 🙂


My final friday in Bosnia at the Sarajevo Film Fesitval. 


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