Full moon is rising*

BiH is the only place in Europe, maybe in the world, that has hosted and welcomed repeatedly for centuries all ethnicities despite any kind of differences.  Wars have been severely damaging but the country survives every time by its dedicated people who sacrificed looking for the best of the coming. 


In this picture, a catholic church, an orthodox church, a mosque and small jewish temple hidden in the dark somewhere on the left all are lightened signs of the beautiful involvement and coexistence between humans regardless of their backgrounds.  A path where people walk, shop, smile, cry, chat, flirt, relax, read, work, eat, drink, etc, is called “Baščaršija”.  You just cant tell who’s who because simply there’s no difference, all are the same!  Hatreds is an evil feeling hidden in the souls that were raised by ill supervision or miss educating but not in the humans nature or innate.  The full moon on the right is rising and brining hopes to the city and it people.  the dark is around and been seen everywhere since the past is dark though the moon represents the future that it is bright and vivid as I believe Bosnia will be one day!


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