Family # 3

Being hesitant while I was in Denver when I was asked to decide on my internship is normal but never thought the healthy aging center in a post-conlfict country would have been that much fun.  I prioritized the other three options over this center but my destiny was decided to be with the healthy aging center despite all the effort to join the others instead.  I was raised around my grand parents hence I loved them so much and love all elderlies generally but I wasn’t sure elderlies who suffered a war would be as the same as the ones who had not.  It was a rocking experience since the first day at the center, I danced and sang with them and it was incredible time. 


Further, my friends at the internship became my family # 3 following my biological family numbered 1 and my Bosnia group friends from DU is family # 2. 

The work that I was supposed to do at the center was purely technical but I attempted to expand it to be in touch with the members and it was unbelievably fantastic!


I was astonished how much I was loved by all the members in the center especially when they started offering me their help to find a Bosnian soulmate for me, however I was not really ready for that.  Also,  a lot of presents and appreciation souvenirs were given to me when they knew I was leaving the center even the manager (Sedjifa) who was so awesome and lovely.  I am really touched and still appreciate their kindness even though  I have done nothing extraordinary to them except chatting, smiling and drinking Bosnian kafa with them plus I was trying to deliver a message of love and peace.  Even after I left, some of them still keeping in touch and expressing their gratitude.  I miss, love and wish the best for all of them and as I promised I would visit them back in Sarajevo, hopefully soon!


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