Mission accomplished!

It was a life time mission and on personal level the summer in Bosnia was one of the best summers I have ever had.  In this post I tried to conclude my thoughts, goals and achievements through all the trip phases as follows:

Pre-arrival thoughts and goals:


-I thought Sarajevo has one main street and one or two cafes!

-A destroyed city and very depressed people

-Very poor living conditions

-Unsafe to go anywhere.

-and finally A war zone full of land mines!


-Try to cope with any circumstances I encounter

-Help as much as possible investing in any chance

-Be patient and avoid complaining

Post-arrival thoughts:

-I was in love with Sarajevo

-Plans should be changed to fit expanded goals

-More emotionally tensed being targeted and discriminated racially

-Sensitivity and emotionally involvement with war victims was highly present

-Work expectations are less than planned

-Diet constraints should be held for further notice

-Trams were full of Hygiene atheists


-super nice people who were willing to help in all means and ways

-Facebook address is necessary to be handy, most people from first meeting ask about my Facebook account name

Midway mind’s talks:

-People are awesome but they don’t look like it, so you need to interact

-overcome any racial issues wherever you feel different

-Go out as much as I can and socialize more instead of getting stuck on my laptop after internship

-Peace march was a life time experience for me walking around 70 miles in three days however I felt little bit uncomfortable being privileged over locals


-Ramadan was so hard, so fasting in the summer was super tough but people were fasting and working

-I need to go out and explore more things

-Ticket control officers on the trams were so racists and they picked me all the time between all the passengers just because I was colorly distinguishable

-giving even small things to the people is very well appreciated

-People say to me most of the time “Arkadash” thinking I am turkish

Pre-departure situation:

-Time flew so fast

-some places need to be checked out

-no time for sickness but I missed the last family dinner because I was really sick 😦

-gifts need to be bought ASAP

-I needed my Bosnian flag to be signed

-Thinking of my sick grand mom and aunt but soon to meet them

Major learned lessons from the trip:

-People are lovely and friendly by nature

-War did horrible things to innocent Bosnians but they are still optimistic

-War victims are abandoned mostly on their own unless far cousins or old friends support them occasionally

genocide in BiH was underestimated all those years and facts about what happened should be widely told to the unfortunately deaf world

-It’s very disappointing how other parties in BiH still deny the genocide and the massacres happened in 1992-1995

-BiH borders should be open to the world to witness and assist, being closed is not helping at all

Government is very corrupted and serious actions by the international community should be responsible as they created this complicated system

-It was awesome meeting the Bosniak president of BiH, the Saudi ambassador, minister of defense, the former US ambassador during the war, US Cultural attaché, all immigration officials and many other people who I couldn’t meet in normal circumstances.

-I am grateful for the life conditions I have besides safety, nice big family, secure awesome childhood and all the things I have been enjoying all my life until now in which others have had lost everything and suffered a lot even for the basics to live, Thanks Allah for everything!


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