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One of our blog assignments was to choose a photo from our time in Bosnia that stood out to us and write about it. Going back through the photos, there was so many of the great places in Bosnia and the great people I experienced them with. I wanted to choose many of those photos, but finally did not even though I plan on viewing them many times down the road to recall the great times I had with our wonderful group! Ultimately, I chose the above photo from the memorial at Potocari. I described my experience there in a previous blog and I really felt like this photo captured at least a small part of that experience. It is a photo that was taken by Jillian unbeknownst to me while I was reading about events that occurred during the genocide at the memorial inside of the factory. It was taken from far away and I am very small in the photo, which is how I felt while standing there in a way. I feel like the photo visualizes the enormity of what I was standing there by myself trying to take in. I also feel like it somehow slightly represents the silence that I spoke about in the blog describing my experience there. I know that when I saw the photo and even now as I look at it while writing this post it brings back a bit of that completely indescribable feeling that I had at the memorial.


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