Reflections on Bosnia

Looking back on my summer in Bosnia, it seems like it came and went so quickly yet I was able to experience so many great things in what seemed like quite a short time as it was happening. I really feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in this program. I was able to visit a large part of the country, considering the short amount of time I was there and our busy schedule (although, I was also made aware of so many place I want to visit in Bosnia that there was not time for). Between our excursions and my internship I really felt like I got a much deeper understanding of the country. I knew that I would find many things in Bosnia that I could relate to given my previous experiences in the region (which I did find many), but the internship and the program trips really combined to give me a sense of the many, many things that make Bosnia a truly unique country. I really enjoyed the fact that my internship was doing work with organizations all throughout the country, which gave me the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with a map of Bosnia and learning about features and issues of regions or small towns that I was not familiar with at all before the program. I feel like I have a much more complete picture of the country as a whole now. I also think that our group was wonderful and know that I have made some great new friends! (of whom I have already seen most of back in Denver) I look at the many wonderful experiences I was able to have in Bosnia as the beginning of a relationship with a country that I am sure I will return to one day. I am fortunate enough to have had a similar relationship built with other countries and I know by the feeling I had in Bosnia and now thinking back on it that it will be added to the places that have contributed (and continue to contribute) to both my understanding of the world and myself. I can honestly say that I did not have any experiences while there that I would look back on as negative and that I will indeed be back one day. Not even Bosnian bug bites will keep me away!


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