Final Reflections on Bosnia

Oh Sarajevo, how I miss you. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I applied for Bosnia a few months ago. I was extremely ignorant of its past and present and now I have a much better understanding of the entire situation after in-class learning AND then working there for two months with a local internship. I am hardly an expert, but this experience has given me a glance into the culture and its population.
Culture shock would be an understatement. I miss speaking the language (though my skills were rudimentary at best), the prices where I could reasonably afford eating out at restaurants and enjoy the culture, the in-depth philosophical conversations that I was able to participate in or even just listen to, the pure fresh water emanating from the springs that were present throughout the city and the countryside, and the overall sense of community that I was immersed in.
How do I move past this experience? I am dumb-founded at the moment but I cherish the memories that I possess and were able to partake in. Thank you for inviting me into this culture and history. I enjoyed the narratives that covered a wide expanse of personal experiences and subjects. This was an unforgettable summer and I hope that the Bosnian people and its society are restored to greatness once again. They deserve it…



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