First Full Day in Sarajevo

Today was our first full day in Sarajevo. It was awesome seeing the juxtaposition of all of the new buildings and architecture, right next to all of the old cemeteries and architecture that is thousands of years old. In the U.S when something is from the 1800’s it’s old, but European history is so much older, and much of their history has been preserved through buildings and architecture.

Until Yadranka (not sure if that’s how she spells her name) our guide for the days started talking about her experience living through the war in Sarajevo, I was feeling disconnected from the war, the thing that we are hear to study. Hearing her talk about where she lived during the war brought me back to the fact that this beautiful place was full of fear and death not that long ago. I felt so honored to be in her presence for the rest of the day, thinking about what her experience must have been like.

I’m amazed how multicultural Sarajevo is. Even though Bosnia is not an official Islamic state, there are still so many mosques around the city. We walked to the top of the hill to hear the call to prayer and watch the sunset, and it was so cool to see all of the Muslim minarets sticking up out of the skyline. Not everyone in the city is Muslim, however. I wonder how they feel about having the call to prayer being played 5 times a day. Is the call to prayer only played in certain areas of the city? So many things to wonder about and answers to receive! I look forward to learning the answer to this, and so many other things. Tomorrow to Tuzla!


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