First Impressions

Settling into Sarajevo has been much easier than I anticipated before the trip. After a long, arduous series of flights we arrived here and I immediately felt the familiar buzz of excitement from visiting a new place. Traveling has always been a passion of mine- I was fortunate enough to grow up as a traveler and from those experiences my love for learning new cultures and seeing new places has only grown. After realizing the field of social work is where I belong I decided to combine it with my love for travel and hope to one day work abroad, with this experiential learning course serving as an incredibly unique experience for what I could do as a career. Next year I will intern at a non-profit which provides grief counseling services for children, and the insight about grief and loss I will gain this trip and have already gained in the two short days I’ve been here is invaluable.

This is my first experience with a former Yugoslavian nation and its rich history and culture is exhilarating. I cannot get enough of the Ottoman architecture, Turkish cuisine, European fashion, and unique Bosnian flare that defines this country. The call to prayer is a startling and inspiring reminder that we live in an extremely homogenous society compared to most, as well as a spectacular symbol for beauty and devotion in Islam. Between the flowing water fountains and rolling countryside I cannot wait to see what more is in store for us in this fascinating place we get to call home for two weeks!


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