First Impressions…

It’s hard to believe that this trip has finally arrived. As I lay on my bed in Hotel Kovaci, I hear a man singing loudly outside. His singing is so loud it no doubt may be heard from blocks away. My roommate and I laugh, as this is a sound we would never hear in our home country. The singing represents that we are in fact in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and soaking in the culture it has to offer.
This trip has already been a bit of a whirlwind. The full day of travel it took to get here was definitely long and exhausting, including 3 separate flights and delays along the way. Arriving in Sarajevo made it all worth it. While I have traveled in several other parts of Europe, Sarajevo is so unique from anywhere else. It is clear that there is a European influence, yet certain aspects of the city specifically stick out to me.
I love the beautifully crafted communal water foundations located throughout the city. Bringing my water bottle there to fill somehow makes me feel connected to Sarajevo. Another aspect that says Sarajevo to me is the Bosnian gelato, which seems to be sold everywhere. It reminds of the gelato I love to get in Italy, yet the Bosnian gelato is thicker and creamer.
My favorite part of our first full day here was taking a hike up to the mountains to listen for the daily prayer. As we made our way up the steep cobblestone streets, I breathed in the crisp air. The view from the top of the mountain was breathtaking. We were overlooking the entire city of Sarajevo, including town buildings and homes. I can’t wait for what is still to come.


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