First Impression

Sitting outside of hotel kovaci I am trying to think of a clever way to start this blog and all I can think to say is wow. I cannot believe that I am actually here and I cannot believe the beauty that is constantly surrounding me.  At the same time, it pains me to hear about the ugliness that occurred on this beautiful land.  We toured the city today, went to the 1984 Olympic bobsled, the tunnel that was dug about during the siege, and the Oldest Jewish Cemetery of Sarajevo. Our tour guide Jadranka is absolutely amazing and I want to pick her brain constantly. We have seen so much already and I am still trying to process all my feelings and emotions.  Today when we went to the underground tunnel she shared some of her experiences and I was amazed by her strength and resilience.  I love the people here. Everyone is so nice and has greeted us with open arms.  After the bobsled we went to a restaurant and I met the kindest, most genuine older man. He was hard working and had a smile on his face the entire time. He greeted us warmly and before we left he came to the bus to thank us and wish everyone the best of luck on the trip and in the future. I hugged him and wanted to cry because I truly felt moved by him. I look forward to all the other people we have yet to meet the relationships I will make.


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