Bosnia and Herzegovina is beautiful: mountains and valleys of vibrant green as far as they eye can see. This beauty however is tainted with the remnants of the war. Nestled in these idyllic woods are mass graves of Bosniaks who lost their lives in the Srebrenica genocide of ’95. It is haunting to stand at a place where an innocent may have lost their life. 
Privileged is the closest word that I can find to describe the feeling of meeting our guide in Srebrenica, one of the few survivors of the Death March. The Death March was a choice of men and boys to try and flee from the Serbs to the free territory in Tuzla. Very few survived. Our guide took us to many of the sites where he crossed the road ahead of the Serbs, where he split from his father and twin brother, and where he split from his mother. 

His story breaks your soul. Yet, at the same time it gives you strength to go forward in your life. Live your life full of love and not with hate. If Allah wanted all of the flowers to be the same, he would have made them all the same. The strength that he has to keep moving forward despite his crushing sorrow is inspirational. You can move forward and live without hate and live even after the most horrible atrocities.


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