Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

June 12th 2015

I know I have already talked about how overwhelmed I have been and it has yet to change. We have spent the last two days focused on the genocide in Srebrenica as well as other aspects of the war. We had discussed that normally this isn’t so early in the trip but is there a good time? I feel as though I still haven’t processed the majority of the last two days. What little I have processed has been surrounding facts and dates and some understanding. I have yet to process the feelings and still struggle with being okay with not understanding why. I try not to be a black and white person but because of the blatant denial I have been unable to accept that it makes no sense. I have also been struggling with a internal conflict of how beautiful and amazing places we’ve seen coupled with the horrific events that have occurred right where I was standing. I may never fully understand or process but I will not stop asking questions or sharing this experience.

A survivor said to us it would be such a boring place if we were all muslims and if there was only one type flowers it would be boring (not a direct quote). This stuck with me so much. What a boring place we would be living in if everyone was the same. I have been enjoying the stories and celebrating differences.


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