A Memorable MomentWhil

My day yesterday was filled with so many perfect Sarajevo moments it is hard to pick just one…

But if I must I will attempt to describe my first time entering a mosque. I think the first thing that overwhelmed me was the physical beauty, the building and space inside is incredible; hand painted ceilings and walls, gorgeous rugs and books all over. Beyond the tangible beauty there was also a spiritual beauty I did not know I was going to experience. Our guide was so incredibly passionate and careful in his explanations of the space, his translation of the writings on the ceiling and his willingness to share his faith with others. We were so fortunate to meet an individual who was so generous and open, and we had the privilege of hearing him chant a prayer. I don’t think I will ever forget this moment, the sound of his prayer reverberating through the silent mosque was awe-inspiring and left me with goosebumps. I was also inspired by the way our guide spoke about Islam, and his connection to his faith. During his translation I was struck by the similarities between Islam and the other mono-theistic faiths. I have often times had this same thought, and continue to wonder why there is such a strong need to identify the differences between religions, rather than embracing the similarities.

While we were there, another group joined us, a family with two young children. And I found myself thinking that if more people chose to educate and expose their children to other religions and cultures, we might not find ourselves in such a hateful and misunderstanding word.




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