The most memorable moments for me while in Bosnia-Herzegovina, have been the times that connections have been made with humor, laughter and smiles. Traveling to a new culture, can always be a little daunting. Traveling in Bosnia-Herzegovina has been absolutely amazing and inspiring. I have been continually reminded of a necessary humility in connection with others. With this humility, naturally seems to come with a smile and laughter for me.

Our class has been studying the rebuilding of Bosnia-Herzegovina post-war and genocide while we have been here. In this way so many individuals that we have come across have had and shared wrenching details of horrors and atrocities we can only imagine. An emotional toll sets in as the mind attempts to fathom the unfathomable. Instinct comes to break through it’s spell with laughter, humor and smiles. This is not to diminish or avoid the experience; it is to find balance in humility and truth.

Ann has shared that she is lifted by the laughter the class has shared with her friends who are surviving after the genocide. A healthy competition of rock skipping, smiling as a shared language can bring to light an open heart, gratitude and a connection.


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