Fun at the Fish Spa!

It’s crazy to think that we have already been in Bosnia a week! This trip is certainly flying by, and each day brings new adventures, along with new memories. It’s difficult to choose one specific memory, however, certain ones stick out to me as unique. One of these unique experiences took place yesterday on our off day. During our off day, Sladjana, Lauren, Miranda, Clint and myself decided it would be fun to get a “fishspa pedicure.” Sladjana had read about a place in Sarajevo online, and I was very eager to go. I had read about fishspa pedicures many times, and had wanted to get one done for years. We were fortunate to have Sladjana to be able to call the spa and inquire about services for all of us.

We arrived to the small, pretty business and were greeted by the owner who was kind and enthusiastic that we were there. Miranda and Lauren went first, putting their feet in two separate fish tanks while they sat in large, comfortable chairs. Sladjana and Clint begin their pedicure soon after in the next room. When it was my turn, I was a bit nervous but also excited. As I slide my feet into the tank, I did not anticipate how strange it would feel! Instead of the light, tickling sensation I was imagining, both of my feet began having a vibrating feeling as the small fish gently nibbled away at the dead skin on my feet. At first, I shrieked in surprise. The store owner entered the room and offered to call 9-11 for me, which made me hysterically laugh. I enjoyed relaxing and talking to Miranda during my fishspa experience. I was excited to post a photo on social media of myself at the fishspa, and some of my friends and family posted funny comments below my photo. It was certainly a fun and unique experience that I will remember for many years to come!


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