Most Memorable Moment so Far – ICMP


This room took my breath away…hearing a number does not do it justice until you actually see it in person. These innocent people have been “missing” for the last 20 years, their families not knowing where there bodies are, not being able to lay them to rest with a proper burial, and our tour guide talking about them so nonchalantly. It broke my heart, none of these people deserved any of this; their homes destroyed, their families displaced, their own lives taken, all for what? As we stood in this room, I looked around at my fellow classmates, and they all resembled the same expression I imagine I had upon my face. We were in awe, the realization of what had taken place in this peaceful place had finally set in.  Going back to the U.S. I will definitely have a different lookout on my surroundings and my life.  I will try my hardest to no longer take things for granted, lessen my complaints, and take everything to heart.  In my life, I will never experience anything close to what they have been through in Bosnia.


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