Most memorable moment

June 14th 2015

Its so hard to pick the most memorable moment. We have done so many things and they have all been memorable for different. For example bus rides, they have been memorable. They have been memorable for watching people falling asleep, the amazing drivers and their willingness to share, or our crazy inside jokes about late night oil changes. How can you just pick one?

After thinking about the trip thus far I have decided to just pick one because I cant rank them. After a very long day (that was exhausting both physically and mentally) we walked to the river and saw this amazingly beautiful site as well as the reality of how close our hosts home was to Serbia. While at this river we began skipping rocks. Some people were unbelievably good while others were just learning. We ended our rock skipping with a competition between Clint and one of our amazing guides. Clint was skipping rocks in honor of the United States and our guide was skipping rocks in honor of Bosnia. Sadly the United States of America lost this around and it was a grand a victory for Bosnia. On the way back from the river I was able to have a discussion with our guide. I asked him what was his favorite part of us being here was and he said this. He said talking about my story and listening to others talk about their story is hard but this was the best part. He talked about how laughter was the best medicine. Being down by the river is something I’m sure I will never forget.



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