One of Many Memorable Moments

I’m just going to come right out and say it- I am a tea fiend. I drink it at all times of day, all seasons, and just love basically everything about it. We have been researching the top restaurants to visit in Sarajevo and apparently the #1 place you cannot miss is not a restaurant at all- it’s a tea shop- and luckily for us this place is RIGHT next to our hotel!
Last night after a delicious dinner we decided to hit up the tea shop and see what it was all about. It is a small establishment with only a room and a patio, however the walls are lined up and down with different varieties of tea.
The owner is a typical Bosnian- unimaginably friendly and inviting. He brought up stools for us to sit on after personally introducing himself to all four of us and asking what language we prefer he use with us since he knows FIVE. His name is Hussein and he is a gem. The waitress was equally welcoming and recommended we try salep- a local tea made from the root of an orchid mixed with milk and cinnamon. We all agreed that sounded fantastic and were eager to try what is apparently a very common drink for locals here in Sarajevo.
It was incredible! Not only was it naturally sweet, calming and delicious but this special experience was shared with equally great people. I did not know very many of the other students before coming on this trip but have found some true friends here. I am glad I got to try a unique and fabulous tea with these new friends and cannot wait to enjoy even more fun times this next week!


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