Ride to Srebrenica

The moment I keep coming back to is our ride to Srebrenica. I had expected to make connections with many people during our trip to Bosnia but I never expected such a strong connection to our drivers. When they dropped us of I was really sad to leave knowing we would not see them the rest of the trip. I felt such a strong connection with our driver and the group within our van. I would translate what we would talk about to the group in our van and before I knew it he had really started opening up and I could tell he wanted his story to be heard. We learned so much from our driver. He would point out the areas that had been affected by the war and he would tell us his own experience as well. He showed us where he had been during the war, where he lost loved ones, and where his home used to stand before it was destroyed.  I learned that he along with many longed for the country they have so much love for before the war. He stated “it used to be much prettier”.   He would tell me something and I would explain to the group what he had said.  Although many language barriers existed within the group I felt that we were all able to connect with one another and communicate. We all laughed, talked, and shared stories with each other. This moment is so memorable to me because I did not expect to make such a connection and I am so glad everyone was open to this experience. I learned the power and art of communication that runs much deeper than language and speaking.


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