Skipping Rocks to Serbia

This trip has been filled with so many memorable moments and many more moments have yet to happen. We have been asked to write about the most memorable moment so far, and for me the most memorable moment has already been written about. Meeting Saliha and Hassan was the most powerful and memorable part of the trip. There was a lighter side to this visit, which I will share.
Saliha’s house is a short walk from the River Drina. The River Drina forms the border between BiH and Serbia. We walked to this river from Saliha’s house with Hassan. A beautiful fog was on the river creating a mystical atmosphere. Michelle gave us a rendition of Down By the River and a party atmosphere erupted amongst the group. Hassan and Clinton (a 4-Corners GSSW student) had an international rock-skipping competition. Hassan managed to skip his rock across the entire river into Serbia.
It was amazing to see this man who has gone through horrors that we couldn’t even imagine laughing and cheering like any other man skipping rock across a river. 


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