War Crimes Court

The war crimes court was an interesting experience. I was expecting us to stay longer, and get a tour around the building. But the ladies we were able to speak with, the judge and the social services worker, were very passionate about the information they were sharing with us. The social services worker was very humble about the work she has done for the victims who have testified. She has supported those who have had to relive traumatic events, and has helped them to not be retraumatized by their testimony. The fact that herself and four other people have impacted so many lives by simply being there as a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone providing extra support is amazing! Hearing the terrible things that has happened to their fellow countrymen has to be traumatic for them as well, but they continue to go to work everyday and encourage others to speak out against those who has hurt them and their families. If the world could experience and feel the impact these five people have had on so many others, they would understand better why we do the things we do!


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