War Crimes Court

The war crimes court was a very professional setting. I felt we were really lucky to meet with both one of the judges and the one of the women who does psychological support for the witnesses. Going into was a bit intimidating with the strict dress code, it seems as though we were not welcomed there as Americans, but that was not the case as we found out once we got there. It was also really cool to see how confident the judge was in herself as well as her team. They seem to handle their jobs very seriously, considering she spoke about her coworkers were the only other people she spends time with because not many like her because of her job and I’m assuming no one can really understand the aspects of it like her coworkers. I was pretty surprised to find out that district and municipality courts judge cases from war crimes. How can local courts process crimes and criminals that may have directly affected them in the war. As I understand the application process Is pretty rigorous, but for some reasons I do not really see it as fair, when interviewing someone, how can you know their real motives for wanting to be a judge, maybe they are trying to get revenge, I think an application process for a judge position isn’t enough to eliminate true motives behind it. There is no real way to get rid of these. Even at the war crimes court level, how can they keep their bias at the door? Especially if someone they are judging hurt someone them or their families directly.

I was also curious about the support staff, have they ever met a witness who was not psychological prepared or too affected that they cannot be a witness, which the support staff had to take them off the case? If so what classifies a witness as too affected? I think they are doing a great job so far just hearing the judge confidence and considering how affected they must be, by the people they are judging and what it does to their own personal lives. I’m a little disappointed by the punishment system, I don’t think even 45 years is enough for some of the people more actively involved in these crimes. I think there are still some long ways to go, but they are in the right place. Who knows how much longer this court will be happening considering, people involved in the war are beginning to pass away, how many more witnesses and perpetrators will be around in another twenty years or thirty or forty? I’m curious what this court will do in the future, and what will become of it?


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